Thursday, October 9, 2008


My wife and I spent a week in the lovely state of Vermont. My home. God's country, as it were. Unspoiled in many cases, especially where I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom. Very rural, peaceful, quiet, amazing foliage (the best anywhere) during the autumn...

and it rained almost every day. *sigh* Not the hard driving rain, but the annoying DRIZZLE at 48-52 degrees F (that's 9-11 for you Celsius folks) that's just cold enough to really bug you, and just hard enough to prevent you from being out in it.

Going from Kansas City to New England is hard enough, especially for my wife, who doesn't travel as much as I do, so therefore hates all things related to airplanes, airports, etc. I just smile and go forward, she...doesn't. So adding rain on top of all of that....yikers.

But, we did the best we could. We hung out with my family, saw a friend here and there. We went to the Fairbanks Museum, which is just a cool place to go if you are ever in New England. This place has been around since the late 19th century, and started out as a one guy's personal collection. And while the Fairbanks family was at it, they thought the town needed a library/art gallery, so they donated the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum.

One thing though about northeastern Vermont being rural: it's rural. You really have to plan your day out. You just can't run down to WalGreen's and grab something. I brought friends to the Kingdom a few years ago, and one of them said "I couldn't live here...there's no Lowe's." My dad, straight faced, said "Oh, we go to Lowe's. It's just a day trip."

Anyway, we're back, and life is back to normalcy...and there's a WalGreen's 4 blocks away, and Lowe's isn't on the other side of the state. And while I will always love Vermont, and it will always be my childhood "home", I think I'll stay put for now, thank you.